Why must I travel to Paris? Paris is known as the city of light. Paris is an exquisite city with very fun and interesting things to see and do. So, if you are planning a visit or becoming a resident, you will find everything you need in this endearing city. 

Without a doubt, you may have heard cliches, suggestions, and feelers about the city but it doesn’t take away the fact that it’s the fashion capital of the world with an enviable history of peerless art and a rich culture, from restaurants to museums, parks, and cafes. With its ambiance and splendor, it’s been known to enthrall people from all walks of life.

Let’s throw more light on the “city of light”

…shall we?

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Before then, check out France’s COVID 19 Paris travel restrictions

When it comes to the “City of Light” moniker, two theories abound.

The first is that the light symbolizes the high concentration of

creatives/scholars/thinkers and artists that dwell in and/or visit the city. Another theory explains how Paris was one of the first big European cities to adopt street lighting and that’s how it got the nickname “City of Light”.

Paris is made up of districts known as ‘Arrondissements’

Altogether, there are twenty arrondissements(neighborhoods) in Paris. Each with its distinct vibe, set of museums, appeal, and flavor. Some of the more known arrondissements include the 18th Pei’s Pyramids

Major tourist spots you must visit when you travel to Paris!


Eiffel tower, when you travel to paris

Starting from its sights that leave people gasping in awe like the Eiffel Tower, where some of Jackie Chan’s Rush Hour 3 scenes were shot…from the top of this breathtaking edifice one can see all across the lovely city. The tower is truly eye-catching and is a major draw for lots of tourists all year round.



Also amongst the top spots to visit is the most popular museum in France, and perhaps the world, the louver which displays the iconic Mona Lisa and Venis De Milo’s paintings, sculptures, and other forms of art.

It’s also the world’s largest art gallery and museum, with over 38,000 pieces of art on its walls. Right outside the Louvre, the Pei’s Pyramids, which are beautiful glass pyramids, can be glimpsed. The Orissa museum is another magnificent place to visit. Moving along the ever-popular Champs-Elysees, the Arc de Triomphe becomes visible and underneath it, is where soldiers were buried during the war.



Notre Dame is a stunning cathedral known for its bell tower, Gothic styles, and stained-glass art. it’s also known to attract over a 13million visitors and pilgrims yearly. Sacre Coeur, Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Elysees, the gardens of the Palace of Versailles, and the Palace itself aggressively remind us of the peerless beauty of this city. The Mont Mart region is a shopper’s paradise that houses clothing stores, wine shops, bakeries, restaurants, and souvenir shops.

Paris truly is a city dripping in elegance and creativity Eif el Tower


Disneyland Paris is a portal that leads you to a fantasy land of squealing youngsters and awed adults. Having a lot to offer, it’s no surprise that a whole lot of visitors flock there, known to have a secret network of underground tunnels and a lot of hidden Mickeys amongst

other things, Disneyland will continue to be a blast for the foreseeable future.

From the Galeries Lafayette, you’ll have the best views of Paris Head to the Galeries Lafayette rooftop terrace and you will never regret it. Situated above the ever-impressive Art Nouveau Cupola in the department store’s flagship store, the rooftop terrace is usually open during the day. Offers exceptional views of the Eiffel Tower, the acclaimed Opera House, and so much more. it’s a treat you dare not miss! Trying to soothe your taste buds…look no further!


Restaurants like Le Relais Plaza, Café de Flore, and Tour d’Argent retain a charm and food menu impossible to resist. Popular appetizer escargot(snails), main course: coq au vin(chicken), and dessert: crèmebrulee(chocolate pudding and brown sugar) are still ever tasty and available. Be sure to try some of the staples like croissants, steak fries, foie gras, Fromage, and crepes. The pastry lovers are not left out

because the city offers great pastries as well. Few words of advice:

overlook the touristy neighborhoods when searching for a great meal rather go towards the ‘more local’ neighborhoods such as the 10th,13th,14th, and the 20th neighborhoods While it’s a known fact that eating can be expensive in the mentioned restaurants if you are on a budget then go to any of the following

  1. i) la Residence(Ground Control) at Rue Du Charolais, 12th
  2. ii) Miznon at 37 Quai de Valmy, 10th

iii) Bouillon Julien at 16 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, 10th, Or any other restaurant within the range of the aforementioned ones.

Paris’ culinary scene hugs almost all manner of assorted dishes. The city excels at an array of foreign cuisines. For outstandingly good Asian food, venture to one of the many restaurants on rue de Belleville. L’as du Falafel is the place to be, for exquisite middle eastern dishes. Search for pizza? Please locate Louie Louie, Tripletta or Coinstot Vino.

When getting groceries make sure you have everything you need from the food market by Sunday, otherwise, it will be a great challenge to buy fresh fruits and vegetables on Mondays because Monday is one of the two official days for market traders to rest and recharge for the following week.

Have a thing for cheese? Then say no more.

Aside from a large amount of cheese on display at the supermarkets, you can also find an extensive variety at fromageries, yes, these are specialized cheese stores, isn’t that enticing? Made from goat, sheep, or cow’s milk, you will be astonished at the range and diversity of names you will hear that most people will find amusing, and the fact that each cheese has its history and place of origin is what makes it is even more fascinating.

Great cheese will always taste better with freshly out-of-the-oven baked bread bought early from a boulangerie (bakery). This combination may only be bettered by the superb variety of French wines. If you like white, red, rosé, fortified or sparkling, or if you prefer it dry, semi-dry, or sweet, you will always be able to accompany your food with an exotic wine of your taste.

Arm yourself with a travel adaptor So whilst gleefully booking your flights to Paris, do bear certain travel guides in mind. Paris, if not France in general, uses plug types C and E. As such, if your flight itinerary says London to Paris or Los Angeles to Paris, etc, you’ll certainly want to buy an adaptor.

Getting yourself a universal travel adaptor is highly recommended for ease of use in multiple destinations (instead of purchasing a new adaptor for each spot you visit). WiFi is free and almost everywhere!

Unlike in most European countries where often the only way to access WiFi is to have access to a phone number, free WiFi in Paris is becoming increasingly rampant, especially in more modern bars, restaurants, and cafés.

Hotels in Paris:

The beautiful city of Paris is very much adorned with a fabulous array of top-notch hotels.

These hotels are noted for their exquisite customer service. Some of these hotels are Ritz Paris, Four Seasons Paris, Park Hyatt Paris, Mercure Paris, Timhotel Paris, Ibis Hotel Paris, Lutetia Paris, and so many others to choose from.

The luxurious interiors of these hotels always make it a worthwhile experience.


The City of Paris is home to the iconic football team, Paris Saint-Germain F.C., founded in 1970 after the merger of Paris FC and Stade Saint-Germain.

PSG, as popularly known, is one of the biggest football clubs in Europe, with a very strong footballing heritage.

So if you crave a truly priceless experience of exhilarating football, then head to Le Parc des Princes, home of PSG for sizzling displays of superb footballing skills and thrills.


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In essence …

Come and experience wading through the wonders this city can offer and be lost in the marvel of breathing in the dawn or dusk of the city of dreams!

Hasten, Paris awaits! Been to Paris? We would like to hear your experience in the comment section.

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