6 Proven reasons why tourists travel to Abruzzo, Italy

Does relaxing in a tranquil, glorious stretch of sun-kissed beaches and sparsely populated medieval towns sound appealing to you? Then breathe! This is a region with something for everyone’s taste like the coastlines of the Adriatic Sea, alpine peaks, exotic parks, castles, and enviable snow seasons for skiing enthusiasts. If you are seeking a lesser-known tourist region, with a pocket-friendly outlook that still avails you of the splendor of the better-known destinations in Italy, then consider yourself a jackpot winner.

With its rather seeming semi-rural and rural dwellings, after all, herding is still a source of income. Abruzzo delights and charms its visitors greatly. Also known as the green region of Europe because of its parks and greenery, it is home to several UNESCO Heritage sites. Check: A travel guide to Italy

travel to Abruzzo, Italy

No matter your current location, travels to Abruzzo, Italy, are made easy with the direct flights to Pescara, Italy, the nearest airport and 35.4 km away from Abruzzo. With flights destinations like Los Angeles to Pescara, Italy, Barcelona to Pescara, Italy, and many more, offered by notable international airlines like Air France, American Airlines, KLM, Delta, and a host of other reputable international airlines.

1. Excite your palate with exotic wine during your travel to Abruzzo

If you are a wine buff then chances are that you may have heard of the red Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, produced with hand-harvested grapes and famous for its floral and spice notes. Without a doubt, it is one of Italy’s most exported commodities. In the mood for wine tasting? Sprint to this family-run vineyard and Cellar called Villa Carrie, just a few miles from the city of Sulmona to get your taste buds thrilled with vintage Abruzzo wines. The Chieti province is where most of the region’s wine is made so it’s certainly worth a visit for a wine-lusty tourist.

2. A coastline that awes when you travel to Abruzzo, Italy

Though lacking the exotic beach hype of its more illustrious peers like Sicily or Sardinia, it certainly holds its own in terms of miles-long stretches of golden sandy beach that border the Adriatic. While Ortona is favored by locals and can lay claim to lots of beach clubs, Vasto, in the south on top of elevated land with lovely sea views was a famous fishing village of the Romans. Thrown in the midst of all these are spectacular lakes like Bomba, Scanno, etc, that offer options of accommodation as well as recreational water-based activities like canoeing and rafting.

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3. Hiking & skiing in awesome landscapes, on your Abruzzo vacation

Experiencing a dose of wanderlust? To discover the holy grail of awesome skiing and hiking trails go on and book your trip for that glorious adventure to Abruzzo, Italy. Boasting spectacular mountain landscapes, towns like Roccaraso and Campo Felice are regular draws for ski enthusiasts all around the world. A third of Abruzzo comprises National Parks and because of that, it’s often regarded as the most provincial part of Italy. It also provides perfect hiking trails alongside the Majella park for outdoor lovers.

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4. Scrumptious cuisines for your Abruzzo vacation

Confetti, widely known as sugared almonds, is hugely popular in Sulmona and is becoming a staple for tourists. Because Abruzzo is bordered by mountains and the Adriatic Sea, the food varies from seafood obtainable from the coasts to legumes and meat found in the backcountry. One of the most famous dishes in this destination is a dish of lamb skewers, salted and mostly flame-grilled known as Arrosticini, taste it and marvel at the magic the chefs create. Of course, the ever-present Italian pasta is an option and has its varieties like the egg pasta and handmade spaghetti-like alla chitarra, here you can get pasta production houses that make the renowned Verrigni brand celebrated across Italy and beyond.

5. Top restaurants to dine during your Abruzzo, Italy vacation

·      Ristorante Reale

·      D.one

·      Café les Paillotes

While this is most certainly not an exhaustive list, the listed restaurants come highly recommended for your Abruzzo vacation. Lest I forget, make sure to taste Porchetta(Roast pork), it’s a staple of Abruzzo and chances are you will surely relish it.

Be rest assured that your taste buds would certainly relish the culinary adventure in any of these amazing restaurants when you travel to Abruzzo, Italy. A lot of mention has been made of Abruzzo Pizza, it’s definitely worth a bite.

6. Top Hotels for your Abruzzo vacation

Looking to be pampered by the notable Italian culture of luxurious hospitality? Just proceed to let your guard down in any of the numerous first-class hotels in Abruzzo, Italy.

These hotels include: Hotel Abruzzo Marina, Baia Delphis Resort and Sextantio Albergo Diffuso.

The above mentioned are just some of the great hotels that this vacation spot offers and most offer immaculate services ranging from warm reception on arrival to splendid views laced with free parking, and wifi among others.

 Considering the splendor on display in Abruzzo coupled with its pocket-friendly nature and you have yourself a HUGE STEAL of a vacation destination. Go ahead and book yourself a memorable Abruzzo, Italy vacation.

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